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Free Live Soccer TV Online

Watch Live Football Is the Live Soccer TV service legal?
YES! you are not downloading anything illegal from Soccer TV and we do not provide streams that offer any illegal content

Do i need a new PC?
NO! We provide all the software you need to watch live football on your pc and you can download it from your live soccer TV control panel we also update our member area with all the latest software and live game listing

Do I need broadband?
NO! You can use any type of internet connection you have as long as you can view the net ,you can use our service.

Watch Live Football On Your PC

Why is the live soccer TV service so cheap?
As a web based business we are able to keep our overheads very low and we pass the savings on to you

Is this a US only product?
NO! You can use the live soccer TV service in any country where you have access to the internet

Can we share our account?
NO! We only allow one user per account and our system can track users who abuse the system. If it is found that there is more than one connection to our system from different locations your account is automatically suspended

How do I Pay?
We accept PAYPAL due to its popularity and security features. Over 60 million people across the world use paypal for internet transactions. Paypal is an EBAY company

What else is included?
You get access to our full package of radio, TV and movie channels including some box office.

Can i record the programs?
Our software will not allow recordings but their are many 3rd party downloads that may provide a recording facility .

How do I sign up?
Just click on the button bellow , make your payment will get instant access to your account!

Watch Live Football

Watch Live Football