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What Is Soccer ?

One that many people across the world enjoy is soccer, which is known as football in other parts of the world. But no matter where its played or the name used the game is still played the same. Soccer was originally known as a game that was formed in England.

What is a Soccer you may ask yourself if your not familiar with the term? While it sounds like the answer would be simple its actually not. Soccer is a game. A game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone of any age. There are soccer teams formed all across the world. Such as school aged children who play for their schools , community teams that can be played by people in the same town who usually play against other towns. There are company teams that usually do it to raise money for charities. Then of course the professional teams. Regardless of the team that's playing its still for the most part played as a leisurely activity.

How To Play Soccer:

To enjoy the game you need to actually know how to play the game. Learning the game can take a bit of time but its easier the more you play. The objective of the game is for your team to score more goals than the other team. The teams consist of eleven players. Each player may score a goal by kicking the ball into the opponents net. They may also use any part of their body except their arms and head. The most commonly used body parts for scoring goals is the feet , knees , and even the head. Each game is divided into two halves each lasting 45 minutes each. The whole game lasts only ninety minutes. At the end of the ninety minutes the team who has scored the most goals will be declared the winner.

Equipment Needed:

To play soccer you will need a bit of equipment. The most important thing used for soccer is of course the ball. Most Soccer balls are made out of leather. It weighs fourteen to sixteen ounces and is approximately twenty seven inches in circumference. Some countries such as Brazil which is the greatest soccer playing country ever actually practices using tennis balls. Of course one huge part of playing soccer is having a place to play. Soccer fields are between 50-100 yards wide and between 100-130 yards long. At each end is a goal which is threaded with a net. The four corners of the field each contain flags. The players are required to wear soccer shoes , pads for the elbows , knees and chin. Most teams also require some type of uniform. A coin is also vital to the game. Its what the referee will use to determine what team plays on which side of the field as well as who kicks off first.

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