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UEFA European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship Article

Around the world all countries have some sport or tradition that makes the country stand apart from others. Sports in the UK is the UEFA European Football Championship. It is also known as the Euro 2008. This event will be held in Switzerland and Austria. The dates that have been set for the Euro 2008 is from June 7th to June 29th 2008. Belgium and the Netherlands hosted the 2000 European Football championship which was part of the series of three successful join bids in the football competition's history. The Euro 2008 will be the second in the series of three. The 2012 competition will be hosted by Poland and the Ukraine.

In the Euro 2008 , 16 teams total will be participating. Switzerland and Austria will automatically qualify as hosts. Qualifying matches that began in August 2006 will determine the spots of the remaining fourteen teams. Switzerland's group-stage matches will be played at Basel. All of Austria's group-stage matches will be played at Vienna.

On January 27, 2006 in Montreux, Switzerland the draw for the qualifying round took place. Austria and Switzerland automatically qualified for the tournament finals as host nations after the qualifying process which took place a month after the 2006 World Cup. Since the last tournaments the qualifying process has changed. The winners and runners-up from seven groups will qualify to play in the championship. Of course Switzerland and Austria will fill two spots as hosts
The difference in the way things was done before and now are that there will be no play-offs between teams finishing in second place. Second place will continue directly to the finals. Third place will receive no placement and will have no other chances for qualifying.

The countries from around the world that will be participating in the Euro 2008 take great pride in themselves for qualifying to play in such a spectacular football game. To be watched on Live TV by millions around the world their prides will be boasting greatly. They are representing their whole country in these games.

These types of Soccer Championships are one of the most televised and popular events around the world. Spectators enjoy the thrill and excitement to attend one of these events. You can watch the Euro 2008 soccer game on Live TV, or attend one one of the events for a chance to experience the Football Game first hand.

Whether you are a player who will be playing in the Euro 2008 or a fan who will be sitting in front of your TV cheering on your country this event will be remembered as one of the biggest Championships to take place of its kind. There will be millions of people around the world who will be taking time out of what they normally do to either watch the game or to attend it Live. The winning team will be able to take pride in themselves that they succeeded in defeating some of the worlds best players.

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