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Basic Soccer Positions

When forming a football team or known as a soccer team in the US its vital when choosing the players and choosing the right position for each. With eleven players chosen for each team you will have to decide which person is right for what spot. Some positions should be filled placing a player in one they will be able to enjoy playing as well as becoming successful at. Some positions require certain skills that another position may not. Also some may require certain abilities by players that other positions don't.

Things to decide when positioning your team can be crucial to how well your team plays. Things to think about are should all players rotate through positions. Are any of your weakest players afraid of anything such as contact , are they slow , or do they have weak ball skills. Hand eye coordination can also depend on where to place a player. The positions are divided out in Defensive positions , Midfield positions , strikers or forwards and then Goalkeeper. In the Defensive positions there are a few defensive types. The centre-back , the sweeper , the full-back , and the wing back. The Midfield positions are centre midfielders , the defensive midfielders , and the attacking midfielders. There are also side midfielders , and wingers. The strikers/forwards consist of the centre forwards , strikers , and the deep-lying forwards.

One of the spots to fill is the goalkeeper. A goal keeper is the only one of the team who is allowed to use his hands. His duty is to keep the opponents team from entering his teams net. The goalie can not use his hands outside the penalty box or when the ball is intentionally thrown to him by one of his own team mates. Fullbacks play closest to their goal near where the goalie stands. They assist their teams goalie from keeping the opponents from scoring.
The Midfielders play between the Fullbacks and the Forwards. They play in the middle of the field. Forwards play closer to the other teams goal, which is the goal guarded by the opposing Goalie. The Forwards are the ones who do most of the scoring for their team even though other positions sometimes score as well. Two special positions that not all teams have are the "Sweeper" and a "Stopper". A Sweeper and Stopper are used to give your team a more defensive approach. They are placed throughout the other positions.

When placing your team its vital that you position players where they can best help their team to succeed. If rotating its a good idea to make sure that the team practices each playing position as often as possible. A team that places their players in the area they are the strongest is usually the most successful. But no matter which position that is assigned to what player the whole team is valued and plays a part in their success or failure. Each position has its own importance and the only way to improve your abilities is to practice.

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