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The Premier League aka the premiership

The Premier League aka the Premiership Article

The Premier League also known as the Premiership, is the most profitable and most watched soccer league on live TV. The Premiership is a Professional Soccer League that has some of England's top soccer teams that are competing the title. Out of the last fifteen seasons only four soccer teams has managed to walk away with the title of Champion, which shows that there are some excellent teams competing at their best, and it is a very hard title to earn.

It is estimated that the Premiership Soccer League will earn 1.8 billion during the 2007-2008 season, which is only topped by the North American based Professional Leagues MLB, NBA, and The NFL, however it does earn more revenue that the National Hockey League.
The Premier League is currently trying to reserve new TV deals that will make The Premier Leagues revenue at the same level as the NBA.

The Premier League consist of only Twenty clubs, compared to the numerous clubs in the North American leagues, one could see that the revenue is quite strong, putting each soccer team receiving roughly 180 million US Dollars, which only makes the league fall 20 million dollars short of the NFL revenue. All of the Twenty clubs in the The Premier League split the League Revenue more fair than any other league currently does. With more and more people watching soccer on Live TV, foreign TV deals are expected to bring in roughly 625 million in revenue alone, while the Internet is expected to bring in 400 million in revenue.

The winning Soccer team of The Premier League will earn roughly 50m as well as a share of TV revenue that the Soccer games will earn by having games on Live TV , and the Worst finishing soccer team expected to bring in 26.8 million dollars. Last Years Champions, Liverpool was able to receive 20.5 million for their share of TV revenue alone. With Over a Billion people supporting their teams and countries it is not hard to see that the Premier League is definitely one of the worlds most watched sporting Leagues, with people from all over the world, or roughly 200 countries watching the sport of soccer.

When the Old Tafford Stadium is filled to capacity of 76,000 people it is the Largest football stadium in the Premiership League, followed closely by The Emirates Stadium, which holds 61,000 soccer fans. AS the sport of soccer continues to grow, many soccer clubs in the Premiership League are scrambling for Bigger and Better stadiums to house their loyal fans in for a night of football. As Revenue increases from increased event ticket's and merchandise sales, you will see bigger and better stadiums being constructed all with the mighty dollar in mind.
Barclays plc, a Global Financial Service Company is the main sponsor of The Premiership League from 2004 to 2010, and it will be interesting to see how many companies compete for sponsorship after their contract is up, as The Premiership continues to grow as the worlds most watched Professional Sporting League.

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