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The Champions League & Euro 2008

Champions League & Euro 2008 Article

The Champions League is a Yearly soccer competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations. The Champions League has been the most successful Soccer League in Europe since 1955, with the winning soccer team of each season being able to hold the most prestigious trophy in the sport, the European Champion Clubs Cup.

The Champions League is a highly profitable competition for the soccer teams that make the tournament, with revenue coming in from television deals between the clubs, as well as ticket sales and merchandising. Euro 2008 will be played in Switzerland and Austria from June 7th through June 29th.
You can watch these soccer games on live TV, or attend one of the games for some live football action. Its vital for the teams to be on guard at all times,as well as playing as good as they possibly can as a team because the competition will be fierce with only one team walking out as the winner. Soccer Games in The Champions League will begin have several stages of game play, with three preliminary qualifying rounds.

The Champions league is also open to the league champions of all UEFA member associations along with the soccer clubs that finished second to forth in the strongest soccer leagues.The Teams are then spilt up into eight groups of four teams, with each team having to play every other team twice during the tournament, once at their home stadium, and once at the competitors stadium.All qualifying rounds and Game ties are two-tier, meaning that each team must host a match, and the soccer team with the most goals in both matches wins the match.

Extra Time and Penalty kicks are used if needed to determine a winner, with the exception of the final match, which is played at a pre-selected soccer stadium for the prestigious Champions cup, that the winning soccer team will be allowed to keep until two months before the next Champion League Finals, at which time they must return the Champions Cup and they will be given a smaller replica of the Champions cup to keep at their club house to display their winnings that their hard work got for them.
In Order for a soccer team to compete in the Champions League they must meet several requirements which include financial,infrastructure, and Stadium criteria. If you are really into the game like millions of fan's around the world are, you can find merchandise all over the Internet, and in sporting good stores that will allow you to show support for your favorite soccer team, and country.

You can watch the soccer games live on TV, and you can also follow the soccer games online through many different sports related websites. Soccer Fans are very loyal to their teams, coughing up millions of dollars each year in merchandise and game ticket's to turn out and show their team and country their never ending support and dedication. Many dedicated soccer fans will also show their support by posting in soccer forums, that are found all over the Internet.

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