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Welcome to the best Watch Live Football streaming site on the internet here at Live Soccer TV you can watch all the big live football games Live from the U.K Premiership and U.S soccer leagues live online on your PC.
NO expensive new hardware or software needs to be purchased as everything required can be downloaded FREE from the members area on the Soccer TV site!

Watch Live Football On Your PC

This is NOT some old out of date ebook junk. We are a Live Football Site thats updated daily with all the latest live football software and Live Soccer Game listings. don`t be fooled by others we are the biggest and best when it comes to Live Football Streaming!

I know your shocked at such a low price and thinking how is this possible ? Well as a web based business we are able to keep our overheads low and we pass the savings on to you, we could easily charge £50 like some of the other Live Football Streams sites do, and in case your sceptical on how it works, I'll explain it for you:
The Live Football Games are being broadcast across the Internet, they are known as live streams. Your computer can't pick these live streams up automatically. However, with the live football software provided by us you'll be able to pick these live football streams up and watch live football this is the same software offered by some of the the other big Live Football Stream sites the only difference is we don`t only stream live football games we stream every other sport that is being broadcast as well as top PPV box office events and last but not least we don`t charge you £50 we offer our service at just £4.99 (Limited Offer) and we the software updated and update the live football members area daily with a list of the live football games that are being shown so all you need to do is login to our members area to start watching the live football.

(You will not find what we offer anywhere cheaper)
Watch Live Streaming Football

By using the power of the latest Microsoft and Real media players you get high quality Live Football Streams and sound without needing any new hardware! If your PC can view the Live Football demo video on the top right hand side of this page then you can use our service.

If you are having problems it may be that your using a firefox browser please contact the Live Football support team and we will advice you on what software is required. As a valued Live Soccer TV Streaming customer we will provide the watch live football software needed to Watch Live Football Online FREE OF CHARGE!!!.

Two of the software titles needed, are probably already installed. One of them being Windows Media Player, and the other is Real Player. If you have both those programs, you just need to download a few more to be able to pick up the broadcasts and start watching Live Football on your pc! and you don't have to be a PC expert to set up the software.
To install the software, all it takes is a few clicks, and the software is very easy to use. As I stated before, we provide everything you need to Watch Live Football on your PC!

Watch Live Soccer TV